Where to Have a Beautiful Wedding in Rarotonga

Whether you're familiar with Rarotonga or this location is a dream vacation destination for you, you'll find that there are plenty of beautiful environments for you and your fiance to say 'I do' in. Whether you want a small, intimate ceremony where the decorations are provided by nature or you'd like your nuptials to be a bit more traditional, here are some of the best settings for your Rarotonga wedding.

Botanical Garden

The local botanical garden features tropical flowers and lush greenery that will make for gorgeous wedding pictures. You and your soon-to-be spouse can walk down a path of soft grass while taking in the sounds of bird calls and soothing winds. This setting is ideal if only you, your loved one and the wedding officiant will attend the ceremony, but the garden can also accommodate a small number of guests.

Traditional Church

If you prefer a church setting for your Rarotonga wedding, the area has plenty of beautiful chapels and churches to choose from. This is also a more suitable option if a small group of friends and family will be joining you to share in your special day. Many of the churches feature beautiful stained glass windows that reflect colored light as you walk down the aisle and exchange vows, and a number of churches are located on tropical landscapes or near the beach, which is perfect for wedding pictures.


Majestic trees and rolling hills create a breathtaking scene that easily provides romantic inspiration, which is why you may choose to have your wedding in a Rarotonga forest. There is space for a small wedding party in most forest settings, and your photos will easily take on an exotic look. You can even arrange for a wedding celebrant to perform the ceremony in Maori or English, and a traditional welcome is provided by the Mountain Warrior. The forest setting is also ideal for hosting your reception, as your guests can enjoy the warm weather and beauty of nature while celebrating your love.

If any of these setting appeal to you and your spouse-to-be, contact Sea Change Villas to make reservations. Our comfortable yet exotic accommodations and amenities can make both your wedding day and honeymoon a time you'll always remember fondly.

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