Survivor Rarotonga

A day trip from the villas to the Aitutaki Lagoon is just one of many activities available from Rarotonga, but is definitely worth doing. The lagoon itself is teeming with fish and snorkelling can reveal some wonderful marine life including sea turtles. Although, contestants of Survivor Rarotonga were watched by an estimated worldwide TV audience of 200 million and Aitutaki is the most visited of the Cook Islands, it remains peaceful and unspoilt.

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Your turn to survive the Cook Islands... in luxury.

Fans of the US reality TV series, Survivor, wanting a wonderful, tropical vacation or Cook Islands honeymoon can now experience the breathtaking beauty of the Cook Islands location used in series 13 for themselves.

Unlike the contestants of Survivor, who spent 30 days living on motus (small islets) in the Aitutaki Lagoon, visitors to the Cook Islands can easily visit the lagoon on a day trip from the neighbouring island of Rarotonga.

Rarotonga 'Survivors'

Rarotonga is home to Sea Change Villas Rarotonga, which offers resort-style beachfront villas and bungalows for easy, relaxed vacations. Like most of the Cook Islands, Rarotonga enjoys warm, crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches. Superb locations and luxury, self-contained villas mean it's easy to be a 'survivor' in Rarotonga.

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