Rarotongan Fashion

Cook Island fashion is about mixing together the bright vibrant colours of the beautiful island surroundings with comfortable garments inspired by the Polynesian designs and influences.

Three well known local fashion designers Kay George, Annie Bonza and Ellena Tavioni have used the Polynesian influences to create elegant garments all different but all with the Polynesian design.

Kay George's hand painted garments can be found at her studio 'The Art Studio' in Arorangi.

Annie Bonza has had the Te Papa Museum in Wellington New Zealand, pay tribute to her 50 years in the fashion industry with a retrospective exhibition of some of her fabulous garments she has designed and made over the years.

Ellena Tavioni's fashion label is TAV and specilises in handprinted, painted and dyed fabrics. Ellena has impressed the fashion world with the exhibition of her garments in the Air New Zealand Fashion week. The TAV label garments can be found at her shop in Avarua.

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