Guests at your Rarotonga Wedding

When planning a wedding, there are many options to consider and choices to make! Initial decisions include when the wedding will be.  You will need to set a date. Where will it be held? Church, park, hall, beach... The options are endless! Finally, who will be invited? For many couples, these can be difficult choices to make.

When planning a Rarotonga wedding decisions will be made a little differently! Considering the “When” question.... factors to consider include the time of year, school holidays, how long you want to stay in Rarotonga and will it suit your guests (if you are having any)?  You may also want to consider “when” during the day you wish to be married?  A sunset offers beautiful silhouettes against a beautiful tropical backdrop!

The “where” question has endless possibilities. Will you get married on the stunning white sandy beach, by the beautiful blue lagoon, by Sea Change Villas famous coconut heart, in the stunning tropical gardens or keep it more traditional in Rarotonga’s local church?   With the stunning scenery that Rarotonga has to offer, your choice will offer beauty and tranquility!

Now onto the “Who”. Many couples choose to have their wedding in Rarotonga for the privacy and intimacy simply enjoying their own company without the pressure of family and friends and expectations. If you wish to share your special day, you have a number of additional decisions to make when if comes to planning a wedding on a tropical island.  Of course you will have to decide who you wish to attend as with any wedding.  Do you want to keep it intimate with just close family and friends? Or share the experience with extended family and workmates? Keep in mind, that not everyone will have the option to attend a wedding abroad due to the cost, time and other commitments. Once you have your guest list sorted, where are they going to stay? Are you going to help organise their accommodation or leave it up to them? With a small party of guests, you may wish to have them stay in the same accommodation to have them nearby to celebrate this special time in your life. Sea Change Rarotonga offers 12 villas, perfect for accommodating this type of guest list. With a larger group of guests, you may wish them to stay slightly further away offering privacy and romance.

For help on planning your dream Rarotonga wedding, talk to the specialists at Sea Change Villas! With years of experience helping couples plan their weddings in the beautiful Cook Islands, we can help you with everything from planning and accommodation through to flowers, makeup and photographers!

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